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Which Star Signs Are Elly and Becky Miles Compatible With?

What Kind of Guys Our New Bachelorettes Are Most Compatible With Based Off Their Star Signs

Alright, move over Osh. I got this. I'm using that one astrology course I studied that one time to predict what kind of guy each of our new Bachelorettes, Elly and Becky Miles, should give their final rose to, purely based of their star signs. What could go wrong?

Let's start with our girl Elly, she's a Virgo. I have a real soft spot for Virgos, my best friend, Josie, is a Virgo and she's a downright legend so this feels like a positive start. In general, Virgo women are the perfect blend of brains and beauty, they are organised as f*ck and are women of action.

Their ruling planet is Mercury, which means they have a passionately intellectual mind and a deeply creative spark. Being an earth sign, however, they need results to be tangible. When it comes to love, our Virgo girl is deeply romantic, dedicated and wears her heart on her sleeve. She's not a massive fan of modern dating, casual flings or f*ckboys. She's big on romantic gestures, genuine connection and loyalty, meaning she's not just going to settle for just any old guy.

So what zodiac signs should Elly go for? Pragmatic Virgos feel most grounded and stable when paired with fellow earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn. Pisces is also a terrific match for Virgo since both signs love being helpful, and while Virgos lend a more practical approach, Pisces lean into their emotions, balancing each other out. (This also explains why the sisters get along so well).

Impulsive Gemini and intrepid Sagittarius can be put off by Virgo's neurotic tendencies, and these signs often clash when they shack up. When matched with a Gemini or Sag, Virgos would benefit from embracing the spontaneity of life and not getting so caught up in the details. Somehow we don't think our girl Elly is afraid of spontaneity so she might surprise us with her picks.

Our other Bachelorette, Becky, is a Pisces. In general, Pisces are often known for their wisdom and old souls, however, they struggle to ground themselves in reality. Ruled by Neptune, and symbolised by two swimming fishes, this water sign has an extremely emotional, empathic, and overly sensitive personality. Pisces women often possess an intuition so accurate that it's borderline psychic, meaning they don't put up with BS if their guts telling them something is off.

When it comes to love, the Pisces woman can pick up on energies, auras, and nonverbal cues like no other. However, they're very open-minded and thrive in relationships where all lines of communication are open for business. They tend to pair really well with other water signs like Cancers and Scorpios as they keep each other grounded. And as mentioned above, they can also create strong relationships with Virgos. Virgos and Pisces are both generous and these two signs can benefit from each other's kindness and support.

Pisces, however, are often easily wounded by the likes of strong Geminis and Sagittarius', as both are extremely straightforward and shoot from the hip. Meaning they may inadvertently hurt the tender Pisces feelings. If they do fall for a Gemini or Sag, they'll need to remember not to take things too personally and to breathe before reacting.

Now I'm just waiting for their lineups of suitors to be announced so I can make my predictions and place my bets. Stay tuned.

Image Source: Elly Miles Instagram
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