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Catholic School Student's Gay Marriage Class Assignment

This Student Wrote 127 Pages in Response to an Infuriating Catholic School Assignment

I go to a Catholic high school, and they wanted me to write a paper on why gay marriage is "wrong and dangerous", so instead I wrote this 127 page paper. from lgbt

One Catholic high school student in Missouri is going viral for sharing the details of their shocking religion class assignment — along with the epic way they responded to it.

Reddit user averagesmurf recently shared the above photo, showing the cover of their latest morality class assignment. The student's teacher allegedly assigned the high school students to write a paper about why gay marriage is "wrong and dangerous," but this teen had a little something different up their sleeve. Instead, they cranked out a whopping 127 pages about why gay marriage is actually "fabulous," backed up with Bible references and historical quotes.

The post garnered more than 900 comments from people who offered up both positive and negative reactions. Some praised the student's work, with one user saying, "Good job :) hope you got an A." Yet others were suspicious that the photo was a fake, with another user writing, "This smells like bullsh*t to me, 127 pages is stupidly long and I doubt any school would assign an essay about the dangers of gay marriage."

So, the student shared a few now-deleted snapshots of supposed pages from the assignment to prove its validity. The typed pages incorporate multiple Bible quotes and citations to support the student's argument that gay marriage should not be frowned upon by the Church. On top of that, the student offered up an in-depth explanation of what the assignment entailed.

Though we may not know for sure whether this student's assignment was real, we sure hope it is, because it looks like some people in this world still need to broaden their viewpoint on this hot topic.

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