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Don Lemon Slams Donald Trump Tweets

Don Lemon Slams President Trump's "Gross and Disgusting" Tweets About Mika Brzezinski

CNN host Don Lemon did not mince words when addressing President Donald Trump's recent Twitter attack on MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski. Right at the opening of his show, Lemon told his producers to "kill the music" before launching into a scathing rant about Trump. "What the president did today was just flat-out gross and disgusting," he said with regards to Trump calling Mika "low I.Q." and talking about her "bleeding badly from a face-lift" when she visited Mar-a-Lago for New Year's Eve.

"The president should be ashamed of himself. But he's not," Lemon went on to say. "He apparently thinks he is proving what a tough guy he is. But he's actually embarrassing himself, his party, and America." Lemon also pointed out how Trump's administration and Republicans who support him continue to "enable" his behavior. "How many times will you look the other way? How can you look at yourselves in the mirror? How can you?" he asked.

"Donald Trump does this because you won't hold him accountable. Mark my words. He'll do it again. He can't help himself," Lemon declared. Watch Don Lemon's full monologue in the clip above.

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