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Hillary Clinton's Favourite Healthcare Meme

Hillary Clinton's Favourite Meme Will Make You Laugh — and Appreciate Her More

Hillary Clinton revealed her favourite meme at the Women in the World Summit in NYC — and it involves dogs and women's health.

In the April 6 interview with the New York Times's Nicholas Kristof, Clinton told him her favourite meme is one of a group of dogs sitting around the table, which mocks the relentless photos of white men making decisions about women's health care globally that have made the rounds under Trump's administration. The meme is the work of Twitter user Justin Shanes, who used a photo taken by Brian Eckert, and added in the words "Meanwhile, at today's meeting on feline healthcare . . ." You can see the meme below.

The meme was specifically inspired by a tweet from Vice President Mike Pence in which he shared a photo which showed only men talking about the new healthcare bill, which would have multiple negative impacts on women's access to health care.

While Clinton calls it a GIF in her interview, it's very much a meme. You can watch her talk about it in this clip.

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