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Melania Trump Smile at Barack Obama at Barbara Bush Funeral

Melania Trump Cracks Rare, Genuine Smile Thanks to None Other Than Barack Obama

On April 21, some of the most influential individuals in America gathered in Houston for the funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush. In attendance were all of the living former presidents of the United States, but notably absent from the day's events was current President Donald Trump, who sent First Lady Melania Trump in his place so he could travel down to Mar-a-Lago to get in a few rounds of golf. While we were once again left pondering the priorities of POTUS, it was a pair of photos that emerged during the memorial that truly took our breath away.

First, the far more serious and sombre of the two: a photo of all of our former leaders and their significant others, reminding us of all the things we miss about the world that existed before the 2016 election.

Second, and far more hilariously: a photo of Barack Obama somehow getting the elusive Trump to make what we can only describe as a sincere, earnest smile.

Obama and Trump were seated next to one another at the funeral, and while one might generally assume that a sombre tone would prevail — and for the most part did, as visible in the photo at the top of this page — the first lady showing genuine warmth (even if it was toward her husband's predecessor) was truly a sight to behold.

The internet was quick to point out the irony of the moment occurring amid a funeral, and many jumped on the opportunity to suggest that the real Melania Trump can only be visible in the rare moments when she's separated from her husband. But we're opting for the more nuanced rationale, that Obama remains one of the most charismatic, caring individuals on the planet — and who wouldn't be smiling after talking to B.O.?

Suffice it to say, we miss you, Obama — and here's hoping it's not too long before we get to write about you doing the impossible once again.

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