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Merriam Webster Adds New Words April 2019

Merriam-Webster Just Added "Stan" to the Dictionary, and I've Never Felt More Seen

SPRINGFIELD, MA - SEPTEMBER 23: In this handout image provided by Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and mobile website are displayed September 23, 2016 in Springfield, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Joanne K. Watson/Merriam-Webster via Getty Images)

I never thought I'd see the day where "stan," a word frequently used on social media to describe overzealous fans, would end up with its own dictionary entry — but here we are. ICYMI: Merriam-Webster has added over 600 new words to the dictionary, and most of them are a pretty, uh, "on-brand" reflection of how millennials tend to communicate with each other in 2019. "Stan," which is defined by Merriam-Webster as "an extremely or excessively enthusiastic and devoted fan," joins terms like "swole" and "page view" on the recently updated list, along with "snowflake." Read ahead to see a few more of our favourite new Merriam-Webster definitions.

  • On-brand (adjective): Typical of a particular brand or public image or identity.
  • Peak (noun): Metaphorically extended to mean "being at the height of popularity, use, or attention," as in "peak television" (or maybe "peak word nerd").
  • Snowflake (noun): Now used to mean both "someone regarded or treated as unique or special" and "someone who is overly sensitive."
  • Buzzy (adjective): Causing or characterized by a lot of speculative or excited talk or attention (that is, generating buzz).
  • Screen time (noun): This first referred to the amount of time someone appeared in front of a camera in a movie (a use dating back to the golden age of Hollywood) and now referring to time spent in front of a screen.
  • Gender nonconforming (adjective): Exhibiting behavioural, cultural, or psychological traits that do not correspond with the traits typically associated with one's sex.
  • Top surgery (noun): A type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person's breasts are removed or augmented to match their gender identity.
  • Bottom surgery (noun): A type of gender confirmation surgery in which a person's genitalia are altered to match their gender identity.
  • Bottle episode (noun): An inexpensively produced episode of a television series that is typically confined to one setting.
  • EGOT (noun): The acronym that stands for the rare achievement of winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.
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