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Twitter Bot Turns Donald Trump Tweets Into Press Statements

Trump's Tweets Seem Even More Unhinged When Presented as Press Statements

In the six months following his inauguration, President Donald Trump's impulsive tweets have become somewhat commonplace. A new Twitter account, however, is attempting to illustrate just how unprofessional they are by simply copying and pasting the president's latest tweets into the official, presidential statement format.

The idea for the account was inspired by former White House staffer Pat Cunnane. On June 4, he tweeted, "For context — because he's President — all of Trump's Tweets should be mocked up in the correct Presidential statement format. It's telling." That same day, coder Russel Neiss executed the idea by creating a Twitter account named Real Press Sec.

The result is deeply upsetting. For example, the president's recent tweet criticising London Mayor Sadiq Khan appears even more disrespectful as a press statement. And his recent tweet addressed to Fox & Friends, using all caps and an exclamation point, looks even more juvenile.

Since its creation on June 4, the account has amassed more than 120,000 followers. The account promises to check Trump's account every five minutes for new tweets, and based on his social media habits, we can expect plenty more updates from this new account in the near future.

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