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Video of Sandra Bartlett Speaking About Conditions on Nauru

Watch: A Nauru Worker Has Spoken Out for the First Time, and What She Reveals Is Shocking

For the first time, a former Connect Settlement Services worker has spoken out about the horrific conditions on Nauru, the island where the Australian government relocates refugees. This video of Sandra Bartlett's address to media, shared by 7.30 reporter Sarah Whyte, is harrowing to watch, but perfectly highlights the crisis Australia has on its hands. "I am absolutely terrified to be here right now," she says. "There are many places I'd rather be right now, than sitting here talking to you guys. But I am here, and the only reason why I'm here is because I'm certain that if action isn't taken to urgently end the current policy, and move asylum seekers and their kids to somewhere safe, and somewhere that offers them a future, more people will die."

Sandra only returned from work placement on the tiny Pacific island three weeks ago and she spoke today at the launch of 'Island of Despair,' Amnesty International's report on Nauru. Watch below.

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