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When Will Barack Obama Return to Politics?

Apparently Obama Is "Ready to Roll" Back Into Public Political Appearances

President Barack Obama has been noticeably absent — which he has every right to be after eight years on the job — from politics since leaving office in January. But now that Obama is back from vacation, people are beginning to wonder where the former president is and why he hasn't weighed in a bit more on the current chaotic political climate. Now, Obama's former Attorney General and friend Eric Holder has revealed Obama's re-entry into the political realm could be at any moment.

According to Politico, Holder told reporters on Feb. 28 that Obama was close to making a public reappearance in politics as a part of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee's effort to combat Republican gerrymandering. "It's coming. He's coming," Holder said. "And he's ready to roll."

The NRDC hopes to totally overhaul the current political districting that Republicans have manipulated in the past years — allowing the GOP to dominate local politics and the House of Representatives. Holder, who chairs the NRDC, indicated that Obama would be a "more visible part of the effort" to restructure the districting.

Since The Obama Foundation will aim to encourage more citizens into running for political office, it makes complete sense that Obama would be involved with the NRDC's endeavor. The only question is when he will reappear.

Image Source: Getty / Bruce Glikas
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