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Presidential Primary Election Dates Deadlines By State

All the Dates You Need to Know For the 2020 Primaries No Matter Where You Live

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The 2020 primaries are underway and voter registration deadlines and election days are different in every state. We've partnered with When We All Vote to make sure that all eligible voters across the country are registered and ready to vote in their state's presidential primary election. Below you will find a handy state-by-state breakdown of registration deadlines and voting dates. Now get out there and register before it is too late!

February Registration Deadlines

Alabama: February 17
Arizona: February 18
Arkansas: February 3
California*: February 18
Colorado*: February 24
Florida: February 18
Georgia: February 24
Idaho*: February 14
Maine*: February 11
Massachusetts: February 12
Michigan*: February 24
Minnesota*: February 11
Mississippi: February 10
Missouri: February 12
North Carolina: February 7
Ohio: February 18
Oklahoma: February 7
Tennessee: February 3
Texas: February 3
Utah*: February 25
Virginia: February 10
Vermont*: February 3

March Registration Deadlines

Illinois*: March 1
Louisiana: March 14
Rhode Island: March 29
Washington*: March 2

April Registration Deadlines

Connecticut: April 27
Delaware: April 4
Indiana: April 6
Kentucky: April 20
Maryland*: April 7
New York: April 3
Oregon: April 28
Pennsylvania: April 13
Wisconsin*: April 3
West Virginia: April 21

Primary Elections

Alabama: March 3
Alaska Democratic Primary: April 4
Arizona Democratic Primary: March 17
Arkansas: March 3
California: March 3
Colorado: March 3
Connecticut: April 28
Delaware: April 28
District of Columbia: June 2
Florida: March 17
Georgia: March 24
Hawaii: Democratic Primary April 4
Idaho: March 10
Illinois: March 17
Indiana: May 5
Kansas Democratic Primary: May 2
Kentucky: May 19
Louisiana: April 4
Maine: March 3
Maryland: April 28
Massachusetts: March 3
Michigan: March 10
Minnesota: March 3
Mississippi: March 10
Missouri: March 10
Montana: June 2
Nebraska: May 12
Nevada Democratic Caucus: February 22
New Hampshire: February 11
New Jersey: June 2
New Mexico: June 2
New York: April 28
North Carolina: March 3
North Dakota Democratic Caucus: March 10
Ohio: March 17
Oklahoma: March 3
Oregon: May 19
Pennsylvania: April 28
Puerto Rico Democratic Primary: March 29
Puerto Rico Republican Primary: June 7
Rhode Island: April 28
South Carolina: February 29
South Dakota: June 2
Tennessee: March 3
Texas: March 3
Utah: March 3
Vermont: March 3
Virginia Democratic Primary: March 3
Virgin Islands Republican Caucus: March 12
Virgin Islands Democratic Primary: June 6
Washington: March 10
West Virginia: May 12
Wisconsin April 7
Wyoming Democratic Caucus April 4

Want to print this out? Check out the handy guide from When We All Vote!

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