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Anna Faris Rejected From Son's Private School

The Cringeworthy Moment That Got Anna Faris's Son Rejected From His Potential School

Don't let the fame fool you, Anna Faris is a just a typical mum trying to get her son into a good school like the rest of us. On Wednesday, the 41-year-old mum and star of the new Overboard remake sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss the "terrifying" application process for Los Angeles private schools, as well as one very awkward circle time scenario. The process was a bit of a shocker for Anna, who grew up in Washington State, but it's safe to say she's taking it seriously for 5-year-old son Jack.

"I went to this private school where they had all the parents sit around in a circle, and I don't know anybody, and there's a bunch of toys in the middle of the circle," she explained. "And we're supposed to pick a toy out and talk about the weather. That was the only instruction."

Well, Anna thought there *had* to be a deeper meaning to this, and without hesitation, she volunteered to go first. "This is like a group therapy session, I guess," she said, explaining that she started to go on a rant, pretty much performing a monologue, about how nervous she was about the whole process and about what would happen if they got rejected.

"I'm realising as I'm saying this [that] I am putting my foot in my mouth," Anna said. Her impromptu speech was then followed up with the next parent talking about how sunny it was outside, and the actress's epiphany about this whole parenting thing. "In general, I have no idea what I'm doing, but it has been confirmed in this moment right now," she said. "Anyway, we got rejected."

Anna may need to work on her circle-time skills, but at least she and Chris Pratt have the whole coparenting thing down.

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