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Baby Girl Names That Start With J

60 of Our Favourite J Names For Baby Girls

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Whether you are looking at names that start with J because you're following a naming tradition, religious tradition, or just love the way J names roll off the tongue, we've got you covered. We love baby boy names that start with J, but can argue that the choices for baby girls might be even cuter.

Ahead, find 60 of our absolute favourite J names for baby girls.

Baby Girl Names Starting With J

  1. Jacinta
  2. Jacintha
  3. Jackie
  4. Jaclyn
  5. Jada
  6. Jade
  7. Jae
  8. Jalissa
  9. Jameela
  10. James
  11. Jamie
  12. Jan
  13. Jana
  14. Janae
  15. Janais
  16. Jane
  17. Janelle
  18. Janessa
  19. Janet
  20. Janie
  21. Janine
  22. Jasmin
  23. Jasmine
  24. Jaycee
  25. Jayla
  26. Jean
  27. Jeanette
  28. Jenna
  29. Jennifer
  30. Jess
  31. Jessa
  32. Jessica
  33. Jessie
  34. Jewel
  35. Jilian
  36. Joan
  37. Joanne
  38. Jocelyn
  39. Jodi
  40. Joelle
  41. Jo
  42. Joey
  43. Johanna
  44. Jolene
  45. Jolie
  46. Jordyn
  47. Josephine
  48. Josie
  49. Joy
  50. Juanita
  51. Judith
  52. Judy
  53. Julia
  54. Julian
  55. Julianna
  56. Julienne
  57. Juliet
  58. June
  59. Juno
  60. Justine
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Evan Kheraj
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