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Baby Girl Names That Start With M

50 Marvelous "M" Names For Baby Girls

New baby girl

Marvelous! Magnificient! Miraculous! All things you'll be saying about your beautiful baby girl . . . with her brand-new-to-the-world "M" name! For those of you in love with the letter M or perhaps bearing a moniker that starts with M as well, here are some perfect baby girl names all beginning with M and all marvelous and magnificent just like the little miracle you're about to meet any day now.

  1. Mabel
  2. Madeline
  3. Madison
  4. Mae
  5. Maggie
  6. Mahogany
  7. Makayla
  8. Malissa
  9. Mallory
  10. Mandy
  11. Margaret
  12. Maria
  13. Mariah
  14. Marianna
  15. Marianne
  16. Marina
  17. Marion
  18. Marissa
  19. Maritza
  20. Marjorie
  21. Martha
  22. Mary
  23. Marybeth
  24. Matilda
  25. Maura
  26. Maureen
  27. Mavis
  28. Maxine
  29. Maya
  30. Mckenna
  31. Meghan
  32. Melanie
  33. Melinda
  34. Melissa
  35. Melody
  36. Meredith
  37. Mia
  38. Michelle
  39. Mila
  40. Miley
  41. Mimi
  42. Mirabelle
  43. Miranda
  44. Miriam
  45. Moira
  46. Mollie
  47. Mona
  48. Montana
  49. Morgan
  50. Morgana
Image Source: StockSnap/Sean Roy
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