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Baby Names For Boys From the 1950s

Why Reinvent the Wheel? 50 Boy Names From the ‘50s

There's something comforting about a strong and familiar first name. The list of the most popular names from the 1950s is filled with them. Check them out and you'll probably find a name that will even work 50 years from now, too.

  1. James
  2. Michael
  3. Robert
  4. John
  5. David
  6. William
  7. Richard
  8. Thomas
  9. Mark
  10. Charles
  11. Steven
  12. Gary
  13. Joseph
  14. Donald
  15. Ronald
  16. Kenneth
  17. Paul
  18. Larry
  19. Daniel
  20. Stephen
  21. Dennis
  22. Timothy
  23. Edward
  24. Jeffrey
  25. George
  26. Gregory
  27. Kevin
  28. Douglas
  29. Terry
  30. Anthony
  31. Jerry
  32. Bruce
  33. Randy
  34. Brian
  35. Frank
  36. Scott
  37. Roger
  38. Raymond
  39. Peter
  40. Patrick
  41. Keith
  42. Lawrence
  43. Wayne
  44. Danny
  45. Alan
  46. Gerald
  47. Ricky
  48. Carl
  49. Christopher
  50. Dale

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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