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9 Things I Learned When I Sent My Baby to Sleep School

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My baby girl wasn't a good sleeper. That's putting it politely; the truth is she was a pain in my ass and had me wondering what I was thinking when I decided to have children. Sleep deprivation had turned my whole world upside down.

Why did nobody warn me that babies don't come programmed to sleep? I knew there would be sleep-interrupted nights for feeds and dirty diapers, but my unknowing, premotherhood self believed sleep is something that comes naturally. Apparently not.

I drove myself crazy reading baby books to try to get my girl to sleep, but she resisted. Every day we faced off — me kneeling by the bed, patting and shushing and willing her to sleep, then commando crawling my way out of the room so as not to wake her, only to hear her cry as soon as I closed the door.

And she was a serial "catnapper," determined not to sleep longer than 45 minutes at a time during the day. This went on and on until I was on the verge of a mama meltdown. A friend recommended I try baby sleep school. I had no idea what this place was about, but if it could help me, then I was in. Behold: nine important things I learned while I was there.

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