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Beautiful Irish Baby Names

20 Irish Baby Names That Look Good on Paper and Sound Even Better

Despite what many may think, my name is not a combination of "Ash" and "Ling". Rather, I have my dad's 10+ years in Ireland to thank for this (very) traditional Irish name. And while many baby names from Ireland continue to be enduring favourites — Connor, Shannon, Liam, Erin etc., to name a few, for something a little more unique, it pays to go back to the country's Gaelic roots.

Though it isn't as widely spoken anymore, the traditional Irish tongue lends itself to a heap of beautifully spelt and sweet sounding monikers (if I may say so myself). And once you get the hang of it, they're really not that hard to pronounce. Keep scrolling for some of our favourites!


  • Siobhan — Shuh-vawn
  • Niamh — Neeve
  • Saoirse — Sur-sha
  • Sinead — Shuh-nade
  • Aoife — Ee-fa
  • Branna — Bran-na
  • Caireann — Care-in
  • Aisling — Ash-ling
  • Deirdre — Dee-uh-dree
  • Meare — Meer-a


  • Eamon — Ay-mun
  • Cian — Key-in
  • Niall — Nye-al
  • Tierney — Tee-er-ney
  • Seamus — Shay-mus
  • Colm — Ko-lm
  • Eoin — Oh-in
  • Ciaran — Keer-en
  • Riordan — Reer-don
  • Darragh — Da-ruh
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