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Before and After First Day of Preschool

Mum Photographs Her Daughter Before and After Her First Day of Preschool and the Results Are Hilarious

No matter how old you are, the first day of school can be rough, and this mum has the photos to prove it. Kelly O'Brien took photos of her adorable 5-year-old daughter Franky Meyer before and after her first day of preschool, and the results were hilarious.

In the photo above, we see Franky ready to conquer everything that preschool had to offer. Between the big smile, her cute bow, and curled hair, she looked like she couldn't have been more prepared for the day, but the picture taken after she got home from school proves otherwise.


Although these photos were taken last year and she starts kindergarten on Tuesday, Franky's mother shared the hilarious moment on Reddit this week for everyone else who can relate. It's only uphill from here, Franky!

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