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Best Haircut for Busy Mums

We're Here to Say This Haircut Is the Best for Busy Mums

We're Here to Say This Haircut Is the Best for Busy Mums

There's never a bad time to try out a shorter hair cut, but the best time might just be after the birth of your first child.

Once those gorgeous newborn photos are taken, with the full glory of your luscious pregnancy locks still intact, there are some good reasons to get to the hairdresser. And not just because an hour of sitting down on your own sounds like heaven.

Almost half of women experience significant hair loss after the birth of their babies. It's messy, it's irritating but, worst of all, it can actually be dangerous for your baby.

Babies are especially susceptible to hair tourniquets, where a stray piece of hair wraps around their finger or toe, cutting off circulation. While this can happen to anyone, babies are obviously unable to communicate what's wrong. Unless you know to look for a possible hair tourniquet, they can go untreated until it's too late.

So the much-maligned "Mum Bob" isn't just a way to make your life easier: it's also good for dealing with postpartum hair loss.

Curly or straight, super-short or with a bit more length, there's a "Mum bob" to suit almost everyone. The fact there's less hair for baby to pull is just an added bonus.

Check out the gallery for some Mum Bob inspiration.

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