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Chance the Rapper Asks Parents What They Do For Fun

Chance the Rapper Asked Parents With Toddlers What They Do For Fun, and You'll Want to Take Notes

Chance the Rapper got down to brass tacks via Twitter on Feb. 25 when he asked parents what they like to do for fun with their toddlers. As a father of a 2-year-old daughter, you can't blame the dad for seeking out a little day-trip inspiration. The Grammy-winning artist's question read:

And fans responded with some pretty awesome ideas we're going to have to write down. Some dads took their little girls to the firehouse for the day:

Others stressed the important of reading to little kiddos:

Another suggested a frozen yoghurt party:

Learning how to dive properly is never a bad idea:

Hunting for rocks has its perks:

And who can resist a day at the good ol' farm?

One fan in particular went so far as to have a Chance the Rapper-themed photo shoot, and honestly, it was pretty impressive.

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