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Two years ago, members of a church in Charlotte, NC, created a homemade video that quickly went viral. In the two years since it debuted online, it's gotten 30 million views and counting. And there's no doubt it'll be shared around the globe this holiday season as well. But why?

Some might say that the two-minute video from Forest Hill Church is a bit cheesy — it follows a man who wakes up, covered from head-to-toe in wrapping paper. He then sees, quite literally, everything as a wrapped gift, from his wife to the bathroom light switch to his shoes to a piping hot cup of coffee. As the video ends, the following words appear on the screen: "This Christmas, may you be grateful for all the gifts around you!"

The metaphor is certainly over the top, but based on the amount of times it's been watched, it is perhaps just the message we need to remember about gratitude this time of year.

Yes, we already know we should be appreciative of the things we take for granted — the roof over our heads and the food on our plates, for instance — but this video might make you see those things a bit differently, as if there was a big red bow atop your cereal, your showerhead, and your car every time you pull out of the driveway. With that visual in mind, you just might remember what a gift those things truly are.

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