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Cool Baby Boy Names

53 Effortlessly Cool Baby Names For Boys

Photographer: Levi MandelRestrictions: Editorial and internal use only. No advertising or print allowed.

Trying to find that perfect baby name for your child can be tough. You want it to fit with your last name and other kids' names, but also with your aesthetic. If you're looking for a name for your son that can only be described as effortlessly cool and hip [insert face with sunglasses emoji], there are so many boys' names that fit that description.

Check out some of the coolest baby names for boys (many of which would be super cute for girls, too) ahead.

Cool Baby Boy Names

  1. Ace
  2. Arlo
  3. Axel
  4. Beckett
  5. Bishop
  6. Bowie
  7. Brooks
  8. Bryant
  9. Camden
  10. Chance
  11. Colt
  12. Crew
  13. Dallas
  14. Duke
  15. Easton
  16. Eddison
  17. Ellis
  18. Ender
  19. Felix
  20. Flynn
  21. Fox
  22. Greyson
  23. Griffin
  24. Holden
  25. Hugo
  26. Jace
  27. Jagger
  28. Jax
  29. Jett
  30. Jones
  31. Kai
  32. Knox
  33. Leo
  34. Lincoln
  35. Maverick
  36. Max
  37. Miller
  38. Orion
  39. Oscar
  40. Otis
  41. Peyton
  42. Phoenix
  43. Pierce
  44. Porter
  45. Roman
  46. Rowan
  47. Ryder
  48. Smith
  49. Thompson
  50. Wilder
  51. Wyatt
  52. Xavier
  53. Zane
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Levi Mandel
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