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Dad Is Pissed About This "Bullsh*t" Onesie That Makes Men Look Inept

This shirt is bullshit. from daddit

It's unfortunate that some people still believe a mother should be the sole caretaker for her child, but reality check, y'all: it's 2017 and men are perfectly capable of changing nappies, giving bottles, and generally being all-around awesome caregivers for their kids. This fact may have something to do with why one dad is so royally pissed over a "bullsh*t" baby onesie he saw hanging in a clothing store.

The onesie, which reads, "This shirt is Daddy-proof," has arrows labelling where a baby's arms and head should go, and alerts fathers as to what those pesky little round things at the bottom of the onesie are supposed to do ("Snap!" in case you were unsure . . . ).

Cue major eye roll.

Commenters are having a lighthearted field day with the dad's Reddit post, which was appropriately captioned, "This shirt is bullsh*t." One commenter joked, "Durr hurr, fathers are stupid!" while another used the post to throw a bit of playful shade at his partner: "Wife has put on the onesie backwards a few times. I have not (yet)."

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