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Gender Reveal Turns Into Surprise Proposal

This Was So Close to Being a Gender Reveal Fail, but the Dad's Next Move Made the Internet Rejoice

For every perfectly executed gender reveal, there's a "gender reveal fail" — the kind where the parents-to-be cut into a cake to reveal purple filling, or they open a giant box and rainbow balloons fly out.

So when Kim Argueta posted a video of her sister's gender reveal party on Twitter and said "when the balloon popped we were confused," we were bracing ourselves for another disappointment.

And then it came: the mum-to-be popped the giant black balloon, only to reveal silver glitter confetti. But as everyone was shouting out their befuddlement, she noticed a rolled-up note among all the confetti. What came next made it all worth it — and likely caused the video's collective 10 million viewers to scream their excitement at nearly the same decibel as Kim herself.

And don't worry; after watching the video, you're probably still desperate to know if the happy couple found out their baby's sex after all. Kim confirmed on Twitter that they're having a girl! Might we suggest that next time, she keeps filming a bit longer?!

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