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Goat’s Milk Formula For Toddlers

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You always want what is best for your child, from the most comfortable clothing to the best food. Evidently, formula is certainly one of the things parents need to consider carefully.

There are a lot of different options to choose from, though, so finding the best formula for your child is not always that easy.

One of the formulas that has a lot of proven benefits for children is goat's milk formula. Here's how it can benefit the overall health of your toddler.

Easy to Digest

Goat's milk formula is easy to digest because of high prebiotic oligosaccharide levels (oligosaccharides are the goodies that help with cell recognition and binding). Natural prebiotics have shown to aid digestion, and make stools softer and easier to pass through the absorption of water.

High Calcium Levels

A little-known fact about goat's milk is that it naturally contains higher levels of calcium than regular cow's milk. Compared to normal cow's milk, goat's milk actually contains 10 percent more calcium. Since calcium is important for the maintenance of teeth and bones, this is an important benefit.

Similarities to Human Milk

Goat's milk shares some properties with human milk, including similar levels of phospholipids (helping to maintain the strength and flexibility of cell membranes), amino acids (helping to build muscle and regulate immune function, among many other benefits) and nucleotides (the building blocks of all things DNA and genetics).

For mums who are thinking about the switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, or those who are unable to breastfeed their little one, goat's milk formula could be a good option.

Less Additives

Since goat's milk formula naturally contains most of the nutrients for proper growth and development, manufacturers do not have to add a lot of artificial ingredients. Australia's own Oli6 is a prime example, taking full advantage of the natural benefits of fresh goat's milk inside their formula.

Great for Gut Health

Goat's milk formula is not only advantageous for digestion, but also for gut health as well. For example, phospholipids have shown to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal infections, while prebiotic oligosaccharides reduce the growth of harmful gut bacteria that can cause infection and illness by promoting the growth of helpful gut bacteria instead.

Selecting formula is best done to meet your child's needs. Since children are prone to problems with digestion, it could be advantageous to select a formula that is a little gentler on a child's tummy. Of course, other health-related problems can be a factor too. When in doubt, always speak to a midwife or a licensed paediatrician about the best formula options for your little one. To try a sample, check out Oli6's store here.

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