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Governor Gavin Newsom’s Proposes 6 Month Parental Leave

California’s Governor Just Proposed Something HUGE - The US’s Longest Paid Parental Leave

SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 07: Governor Gavin Newsom gestures to the crowd alongside wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom and children (L-R) Dutch, Montana, and Brooklynn on January 7, 2019 in Sacramento, California. Gavin Newsom will begin his first term as the 40th governor of California after serving as the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco as well as Lieutenant Governor of California since 2010 alongside outgoing governor Jerry Brown (Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images)

California Governor Gavin Newsom's energetic 2-year-old son might be the first thing that steered your attention toward the political landscape this week, but the recent elect's latest budget proposal is sure to keep your eyes locked. While the US's paid parental leave policies pale in comparison to other countries, Newsom suggested something groundbreaking today.

According to Huffington Post, he is suggesting six months of partially paid leave — for both parents! — as part of this 2019 budget.

Currently, only some of California parents have access to full benefits, which when combined, can tally up to four months of leave at partial pay. However, many state residents get far less than that, especially if they're same-sex couples or adoptive parents.

This new shift enables caretakers to split the six months up as they choose (so one can stay home for three months while the other returns to work, and then they can switch). Funding for this would come from existing funds.

Image Source: Getty / Stephen Lam
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