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Hockey Gender Reveal

This Couple Did a Hockey-Themed Gender Reveal, and to Be Honest, It's Freakin' Awesome

Having grown up a hockey player and diehard New York Rangers fan, AJ Lagalante from Morristown, NJ, knew that he wanted his unborn child to share the same passion for the game. And what better way to get his little one on board right out of the gate than a hockey-themed gender reveal on ice? All he needed was to get his wife Kristin to agree. AJ told POPSUGAR that getting her to go along with it was actually easier than he thought it would be. "She was like 'Wow, that's such a good idea!' I'm surprised she went with it, but she was so nervous and excited; it was so cute."

So how exactly did the father-to-be come up with this amazing idea? Let's just say some serious passion and a little research go a long way. "Since my wife Kristin and I are the first ones of our friends to be expecting a child, we wanted to do something that was fun and exciting not just for us, but for our friends and family who will be in our child's life," he said. "I saw a baseball reveal and thought the idea was cool, so I looked to see if they had hockey pucks since that's the sport I love (and make her love)."

A quick sweep of Etsy and the couple was in luck — they did in fact make hockey pucks for gender reveals. After they had their doctor write down the gender and put it in an envelope, AJ handed it off to his brother so he could fill the puck with either pink or blue powder. "It was a lot of fun, and getting the support from our friends and family is an unreal feeling. It's beyond exciting."

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