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How to Entertain Children Without Technology

25 Ways to Entertain Your Child (Without an iPad)

Once upon a time, smartphones, iPads or any form of digital technology were foreign to children. Solely reserved for the educated hands of adults or simply, non-existent, those simpler times called for simpler forms of hobbies. Today, toddlers play a completely different ball game, wherein a world without technology is, well, barely a world at all.

Whether you're a new parent, or a well-meaning friend or relative of one growing increasingly concerned about children's reliance on technology to be entertained, we invite you to consult this handy list of instead-ofs. Balance, people. It's all about balance.

  1. Stock up on children's books so they'll always have something to read.
  2. Go to the local park for a walk or run around.
  3. Teach them how to ride a bike, or tricycle.
  4. Let them build things — think: Lego, wooden blocks, Play-Doh.
  5. Introduce them to classic games, such as "Simon Says" or "What's the Time Mr. Wolf?"
  6. Draw.
  7. Take them on short trips to explore a new neighbourhood.
  8. Paint.
  9. Play a sport.
  10. Let them help out in the kitchen.
  11. Turn their bedroom into a makeshift tent and pretend you're camping.
  12. Colour in.
  13. Go on a play-date with friends and their kids.
  14. In the warmer months, take them to the pool for a dip.
  15. Tell them about your childhood.
  16. Go through old family photos with them.
  17. Do some gardening.
  18. Solve a jigsaw puzzle.
  19. Embark on a little DIY project together.
  20. Take them to the local library.
  21. Play a board game.
  22. Go to the beach.
  23. Visit your parents.
  24. Get them a pet.
  25. Play backyard friendly games, such as hopscotch.
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