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This Ikea Hack For Families Who Cosleep Is Truly Genius

If your kiddos are the type to wake up in the middle of the night and crawl into your bed, or you got sick of that and already started cosleeping so that everyone can get some shut-eye, this incredible Ikea hack may just be the solution to making sure everyone's limbs are kept to themselves while still having the security of all being together in one bed.

Mama and professional photographer, Elizabeth Boyce, has six kiddos — five of which are under 11 years old — and when sleeping in one bed with toddlers and tripping over older kids on the floor in the middle of the night got to be a bit much, she used her craftiness and some materials she already had to create this cosleeping masterpiece from a couple of Ikea Kura beds and a ton of comfy mattresses.

Elizabeth shared the steps to creating this bed that has room for two grown adults and five children on her blog, but really, the setup was simple. She used the two Kura beds to create pseudo bunk beds for her four middle kiddos, and placed a giant king-size mattress in the middle for her and her husband, and their youngest, Elijah.

So far everyone is loving the bed — the idea was to give everyone enough space to sleep better, and it seems to be working out well for them. Though the bed is one cohesive unit, each child has their own space to sleep with their stuffed animals and pillows, and Elizabeth says, "They are staying in their own beds, which is a miracle!"

This is the bed every cosleeping family didn't even know they needed. Send your thank you notes to Elizabeth, because she is a true genius.

To see where everyone sleeps and how they make it all work, see the photo below.

Image Source: Elizabeth Boyce
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