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Kids Are Assholes Tweet

Mum Makes a Case For Referring to Kids as Assh*les, and the Internet Applauds

Image Source: Stocksnap / Hunter Johnson

Let's take a quick minute to be honest here: raising kids isn't always a picnic. Sure, we love them to bits and they certainly make our lives better by existing, but that doesn't mean they're always perfect. In fact, they can be little turds a lot of the time! Or, as one mum on Twitter so aptly put it, they can be "assh*les."

The relatable (and hilarious) tweet about kids' less-than-angelic tendencies began going viral on Instagram as parents voiced their agreement about the sentiment that we should call it like we see it.

Nobody is advocating calling your toddler an assh*le to their face. But when you're relaxing with a glass of wine around other parents, should it really be frowned upon to complain about that assh*le move your kid pulled in the midst of their "Terrible Twos" tantrum at the grocery store or when they intentionally poured milk on your mattress? We think not, and based on the responses to the tweet, other parents agree!

Kids are like cats — they can sometimes be assh*les, but they're cute enough to make up for it.

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