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Kids Interrupt Dad's BBC Interview

This Hysterical Video of a Dad's Interview Gone Wrong Is Every WFH Parent

Live TV gone wrong

THIS. IS. AMAZING. 😂 When your Dad is live on BBC News but you just can't wait... (Via Newsbeat)

Posted by BBC Radio 1 on Friday, March 10, 2017

Any parent who has ever tried to get some work done from home knows that if the kids are around, good luck. Even if a nanny or a co-parent is present, parents who work from home full time know it's actually much harder to get things done, in a professional manner, when your little ones are nearby.

A hysterical BBC broadcast captures exactly what can go wrong, and its sheer perfection is what has made it go viral. In the live clip, Robert Kelly is discussing the impeachment of South Korea's president when his toddler decides to join the conversation. Moments later, a baby in a walker strolls in. And then a woman, reportedly his wife, realises that the children entered their dad's office and her panicked reaction is priceless. Check out what happens as she tries to wrangle the two siblings and the dad is trying to maintain some sense of decorum — all while on live TV!

This Hysterical Video of a Dad's Interview Gone Wrong Is Every WFH Parent  originally posted on POPSUGAR Tech
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