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M&M Super Bowl Ad 2019

Ever Drive Your Kid Somewhere? Then You'll Find This M&M Super Bowl Ad Pretty 'Effin Hilarious

Ever buckled your kids into their respective car seats only to spend the next umpteenth minutes listening to them bicker among themselves? Yep, same. Well, according to M&M's hilarious Super Bowl ad, you're not alone. In an all-too-real 30-second clip called "Bad Passengers," Christina Applegate takes on some serious M&M attitude coming from the back seat. And yes, if you've ever had to bring your disagreeable children along on an errand at some point or another, you'll completely relate. Fortunately for Christina, drivers don't have to be as careful when they have candy in the car, as compared to kids. Hey, sometimes you gotta rule with an iron chocolatey fist, right?

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