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There Wasn’t a Dry Eye in the Room When This Man Gave His Wife of 67 Years New Wedding Rings

Be still, my usually cold and cynical heart.

An Illinois man brought tears to an entire room — and subsequently the entire internet — when he planned the sweetest surprise for his wife of 67 years. Diane Hawkins says her mom recently suffered an injury to her left hand, which caused swelling and meant she needed to temporarily remove her wedding rings. Unfortunately, in the time that they were off her hand, they went missing in the nursing home she and her husband both reside at.

However, Diane says, "That didn't stop the love this couple has shared for 67 years." Diane's dad asked her to take him shopping ahead of Christmas and the couple's 67th wedding anniversary, and bought his wife a brand-new engagement ring and wedding band set. Diane then recorded her dad giving her mom the gift, and to say she was surprised is a grand understatement.

"The video shows Dad giving Mom her new engagement and wedding band," Diane wrote on YouTube. "There wasn't a dry eye in the room. . . Priceless!"

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