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Man Narrates Woman Giving Birth Like It's on Animal Planet

Man Narrates His Wife's Contractions as If He Were on Animal Planet, and We're Surprised She Didn't Kill Him

File this under: things to never do while someone is in active labour.

Lindsey Meehleis, a California-based midwife, was assisting in one woman's home birth when she noticed the husband filming his laboring wife — but not one of those supportive "you got this!" type of videos. Nope, Meehleis almost "peed her pants" when she discovered he was recording a "hilarious Crocodile Hunter video" as if he were narrating a nature documentary on Animal Planet.

"It's very dangerous to film them when they're about to give birth, but we've got one here," he said with an Australian accent as he followed his wife while she paced around the living room. "We've got to be very careful."

Just then, she looked right into the camera. "Ooh, she spotted us. Back up!"

It's at that point that we would have smacked the camera right out of his hand, but this heroic woman — breathing through a contraction, no less — totally kept her cool.

Sure, it was funny, but word to the wise, men: do not even dare try this at home.

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