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Mum — Erm, Elf on the Shelf — Cancels Christmas With an Angry Note and Saran-Wrapped Tree

Christmas is cancelled — "for now" — for a family in Queensland due to the kids' bad behaviour. In a note from their Elf on the Shelf addressed to the three kids, it was explained that Christmas would be cancelled until their behaviour improved and they apologised to their mum — and that they had one week to turn things around until, presumably, Christmas would be cancelled for good. The note — that we all know was written by the mum who wants that aforementioned apology STAT — was posted on the family's Christmas tree, which was completely covered in plastic wrap along with "Elsie Creepy McCreep Face," their elf.

We're not positive what these kids did to make their mum so angry (though we can come up with a few scenarios from personal experiences, we're sure), but it's safe to say that parents are giving mixed reviews on this mom's solution to getting her kids to behave better. Several people have chimed in under the original post of the photo, which was shared to the ABC Brisbane Facebook page.

"Parenting is hard, boring, frustrating and repetitious — credit to this family for having a bit of fun along the way!!" one user commented. Another disagreed, writing: "How mean! I hate that parents use Santa to avoid parenting. How do they manage the rest of the year?"

What do you think of this mum's last-ditch effort to get her kids to behave before the holidays?

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