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Mum Explains Why She Took Her Breastfeeding Photo Down

The Reason 1 Mum Says She Had to Take Down a Breastfeeding Photo Will Piss You Off

Britany Cervantes, a mum from Texas, is fed up with the controversy surrounding breastfeeding in public — and for good reason. She explained she had to take down a photo of herself breastfeeding her son, Caleb, after getting a negative and, at times, downright disturbing response from other users.

"The other day, I posted a picture breastfeeding Caleb . . . that sadly I had to archive, due to the disgusting messages and creepy followers I received," she wrote in a new Instagram post, where she said that while she's fully aware that posting photos on social media can open you up to criticism, no woman should ever be made to feel awkward when it comes to nursing her baby.

I know many will say . . . "Well what do you expect? You are putting out for the public to see." Although that is very true, doesn't mean it's okay nor it will ever be okay to make someone feel uncomfortable while nursing their child.It is absolutely disturbing to me how some people can turn such an innocent normal lovely thing we as mothers share with our children to something that shouldn't be . . . it's 2017.

She also has a question for the public: When is breastfeeding actually going to become normalised in society? "Sadly, breastfeeding in public is still such a controversial subject. WHY? Will breastfeeding mums ever get enough support instead of judgment?" she asked. "In my opinion, if you're bothered by a woman nursing her child, then you're just looking too hard." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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