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Mum Hangover vs. Dad Hangover

1 Mum Compared Her Hangover to Her Husband's — and It's Par For the Friggin' Course

There's a scientific study for truly everything. I'm pretty sure that researchers have officially completed 1,457,983 experiments on the benefits and dangers of coffee alone. So, why can't I find a single research paper that proves once and for all that mums are simply way tougher than dads?

But at least I've got anecdotal evidence. Every time my husband and I catch the same cold, he's down for the count for a solid week while I'm up changing nappies and doing laundry. And when it comes to the "mental load," it's pretty darn clear that women just are better at carrying it than men are.

As for coping with a hangover? Mum-of-two Sophie Lilley proves that, once again, mothers know how to rally.

To demonstrate, she posted a hilarious side-by-side Instagram of how she and her husband each dealt with the alcohol-induced headache.

"Dad hangover vs. mum hangover," she wrote in the caption. "He 'looked after the kids' / fell asleep five minutes into Minions, while I made a family-sized Lasagna and cracked on with life."

Come on, scientists, study us already!

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