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Mum's Letter to Baby Before Maternity Leave Ends

Mum's Raw Letter to Her Baby on the Last Day of Maternity Leave

On her last day of maternity leave, a new mum wrote a powerful letter to her 9-week-old son. As the mum, who goes by "amacatokay" on Reddit, typed the emotional words, her baby was asleep on her chest making cooing sounds, which made the thought of leaving him that much harder.

"I know you can hear my heart beating, just as you did for the nine months that I carried you," she shared on Reddit. "I cherish these moments more than I can ever explain with words . . . you are everything I ever dreamed of."

Like many other mums, this parent can't believe how quickly the last three months have passed and is dealing with a mix of emotions. "Tomorrow I have to return to work and leave a piece of my heart at home. Being away from you will be painful, and my heart aches at the idea of being away from you for so long," she wrote. "But I know we will be just fine."

When she leaves for her evening shift, this strong mama will find comfort in remembering the look that spreads across her little one's face when he curls up in his dad's arms. "The way you smile at him like he is the best person you've ever met. When you fall asleep on his chest as he reads you a book before bed," she wrote. "I know he will keep you safe, smiling, and fully snuggled in my absence."

She'll also find reassurance in the joy that fills "Grammy's" eyes whenever she gazes at her grandson. "The way she would do anything to keep you from harm. The little chats the two of you share, and the smiles she can always steal from you with a few silly sounds," she wrote. "She will hold you and rock you to sleep when I cannot."

Lastly, she will find resolve in knowing that she is teaching her son about strength. "Women are strong. I made you from scratch, my darling boy, my hours away from you will not be wasted," she wrote. "And I'll never take for granted the many blessings I have waiting at home for me when the night is through."

Before she leaves, there's one thing that she wants her baby to know:

Remember that whenever I go, my heart will ache for you my sweet baby boy. But when the sun rises the next day . . . you'll open your eyes and I'll be there. Always. I love you.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim
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