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Mum's Priceless Reaction to Finding Out She Had a Boy

This Mum's Reaction to Finding Out She Had a Boy Instead of a Girl Is Priceless

A post shared by Kim Guiley (@blendingbeautiful) on

Kim Guiley and her husband Travis always wanted both a daughter and a son, so after having their daughter Hazel in 2013 they were hoping their second pregnancy would result in a little boy, but felt strongly that it was another girl. Rather than find out the gender, they chose to roll the dice and wait until their baby was ready to announce him or herself. After nine months of convincing themselves that they were having another baby girl — sometimes you're just sure, you know? — they gave birth to a beautiful little boy on July 26, 2016.

Luckily for all of us, Kim's birth photographer, Susannah Gill, was able to capture the exact moment Kim and Travis realised they had a son, so their first photo with little Theo is quite hilarious. Kim posted the photo to Instagram back when Theo was born and it's now rightfully starting to go viral.

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