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Mum Turns Son's Scar Into Harry Potter Lightning Bolt

This Mum Should Win Mum of the Year For What She Did to the Scar on Her Son's Forehead

It's okay, mommy can fix this...

We are unofficially announcing the 2016 Mum of the Year today, and she's gained her title for finding the most awesome way to make her son feel better about a scar on his forehead. In a gallery posted to Imgur, what starts as a heartbreaking post featuring a teary-eyed boy with a cut on his forehead ends with a smiling boy who looks suspiciously like a fictional character we know and love. No, people, this is not a drill — this mum definitely just turned her son's forehead scar into a lightning bolt using a marker, then added a pair of glasses just like Harry Potter's into the mix.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the adorable transformation process and the resulting happy boy (who lived).

This Mum Should Win Mum of the Year For What She Did to the Scar on Her Son's Forehead  originally posted on POPSUGAR Tech
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