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Mum's Tweets About Toddler Talking to Something in the Drain

Mum "Crapped Her Pants" When She Thought Her Toddler Was Talking to Georgie From "It"

Back in the '90s, when my parents rarely kept tabs on what I was doing in the daylight hours, my younger cousin and I sat in front of the TV at my grandparents' house and started watching It from the beginning. To keep a very long story of my subsequent lifelong fear of clowns and horror movies as short as possible, the experience didn't end well. Fast forward to this weekend when my heart stopped after a mum named Bri tweeted that her 3-year-old looked down the bathroom sink drain and said hi to someone named Georgie (aka the name of the boy in It whose arm gets ripped off next to a sewer drain . . . where he bleeds out and dies).

"My 3-year-old just made me crap my pants when she looked down our bathroom sink and goes, 'Hi Georgie . . .' (keep in mind she's never seen a scary movie in her life, let alone It)," Bri wrote in her tweet (I immediately started sweating, and this was only the first half of the post). The mum continued, explaining the actually hilarious coincidence that had unfolded when she peeked into the drain, bracing herself for the sight of Pennywise the clown: "Against my better judgment I look down the drain AND . . . it's Peppa Pig's little brother, George."

The mum, rightfully relieved after what could have been a seriously freaky situation, continued her thread of tweets, which has now gone viral.

After the update that George had been rescued, Bri took a video of her toddler with her little toy pig, which only made the 3-year-old seem even weirder than when Bri thought she was talking to Georgie in his little yellow raincoat in the first place.

It's still officially official: anything having to do with Peppa Pig is the worst.

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