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Mum Writes Reassuring Post About Having 3 Little Kids

This Mum's Post About Having 3 Kids Under 3 Will Reassure You This Whole Parenting Thing Is Worth It

"I am a mom of a 3 year old and twins. My parenting style is survivalist while trying to minimize junk, and...

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Marisa Costa Procter has three kids under 3 years old, and in a Faceboook post, she wrote that her life has certainly changed after giving birth to a set of twins after having a toddler. She also admitted that sometimes chasing three little ones around all day can be equal parts overwhelming and equal parts exhausting, but that at the end of the day it's all worth it.

The stay-at-home mother said that her current occupation is the hardest role she's had to fill.

"My parenting style is survivalist while trying to minimise junk, and simultaneously holding a baby or doing another juggling act," she wrote. "We have three wonderful children and I find myself wanting to be in all places for each child. This is a constant conversation in my head. As a stay-at-home mum, I love being home with my children, but that doesn't mean it's not super challenging at times. I have never worked so hard in my life but I am so grateful and feel blessed."

Procter addresses the, ahem, logistical issues that every parent who's outnumbered has had to face once they get walking: they're super fast and the tend to go in the opposite direction. She also goes into how it's important to ask for help sometimes and that being in public with that many kids is often overwhelming. "At times, [I] will call out for that adult to help take over one child while [I] run after the toddler, or simply hand the waitress a baby while I ensure two others are not jumping off the high chairs, about to hit the ground."

She also got into how she simply doesn't have enough hands at times when the kids all need something from her at once. "There seemed to never be a moment of quiet, since the twins struggled with colic, reflux, and have trouble keeping milk down," she said. "When all three wake up, everyone needs to be held and diaper changed at once."

And while the mum admits she hasn't had a moment of quiet since the twins were born, giving birth to two tots at once comes with a special set of experiences:

"If you're going to live one life, why not experience some of the most magical things in it? When the twins both snuggled against each other from the moment they were born, they would care for each other and reach for each other across their face to make one another smile. They scream or cry together 'in sync' if the other one is upset, because it's a sign there is something wrong. How they tandem walk side by side while fiercely discovering these steps together and learned to walk 'in sync' together because they saw the other one or just simple two babies crawling the same direction together. It's all magic."

Procter is also just plain thankful for being able to become a mum in the first place . . . something that is often taken for granted in this day and age. She also mentions that it's important to be grateful for the life you have even during the hard times. "But it's also purely magical that I was gifted such wonderful babies, and I find it a true blessing especially after having lost two babies, and my father to cancer just after the twins were born. I find birth one of the most magical forces where you have to process what is in your mind, and give up any form of control."

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