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North West's Reaction to Kim Kardashian as Princess Jasmine

North West Isn't Fooled by Her Mum's Princess Jasmine Makeup, Says, "No, You're Kim!"

Many little kids love the magic of seeing Disney princesses come to life at a birthday party or during a visit to Disney, but when Kim Kardashian tried to impress her daughter with that magic, it didn't go as planned. Kim transformed into Princess Jasmine with the help of beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson, and she couldn't wait to FaceTime with North West to surprise her! "I'm gonna call North. She's gonna die. I'm gonna pretend like I'm Princess Jasmine," she said.

You can see the whomp-whomp moment around the 10:40 mark of the video when North immediately knows it's her mum. But the funniest part is she doesn't even call her "Mum" — she refers to her as Kim, and it's kind of adorable. "You're really Kim. It's Kim!" North West said into the phone. Kim couldn't stop smiling and giggling, and she tried to fool her 4-year-old again, saying, "I have your mummy's phone. She wanted me to call you and tell you she's on my magic carpet. She's on her way home."

Obviously, it's safe to say that Kim's children call her "Mum" as well, but hey, when your mum is Kim Kardashian, it's inevitable that you know her as "Kim," too. The whole transformation video and phone call is really cute — watch it above.

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