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Pediatrician's Warning About Wearing a Helmet

Every Single Parent Should See This Pediatrician's Warning About Wearing Helmets

As an emergency room pediatrician, Dr. Free N. Hess has seen her fair share of bike-related childhood injuries. In an effort to prevent them, Dr. Hess is warning parents about how important it actually is to ensure your kids wear helmets.

"I see children in my pediatric ER for head trauma after falling from a bike very often," she wrote. "Some of these children are stuck by cars but many sustain head injuries simply from losing control of their bikes while riding. Helmets in this situation can make the difference between a simple concussion and severe neurological injury and even death."

"Take a look at the helmet below. Imagine this blow being taken by a child's head WITHOUT the protection of a helmet."

While wearing a helmet might seem like common knowledge to some, according to a recent poll, an alarming number of mums and dads don't enforce the rule. "A recent poll conducted by The University of Michigan showed that 18 percent of parents admit their children don't wear helmets. That's 1 in 5," she said. "This does not make sense to me. Take a look at the helmet below. Imagine this blow being taken by a child's head WITHOUT the protection of a helmet."

And Dr. Hess just wants to be clear: children should be donning helmets while riding any contraption they could potentially fall off, not just bicycles.

"If you or a child is riding a bike, skateboard, ice skates, roller skates, hover boards, scooter, or anything else that has a risk of head trauma you need to have a helmet on. EVERY TIME," wrote Dr. Hess. "Set a good example and make sure you always wear one, too. Your kids need you just as much as you need them!"

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