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Picture of Toddler Who Tried Pizza For the First Time

A Toddler Is Going Viral Because Her Reaction to Trying Pizza For the First Time Is Too Perfect

A toddler just had an early experience of pure bliss after trying pizza for the first time, and her reaction is rightfully going viral. Jody Avirgan, host and producer of the FiveThirtyEight podcast, shared a photo of her toddler's euphoria, which is quickly making its rounds on Twitter and bringing people so much joy.

The now-viral photo features Avirgan's young daughter with her eyes closed, sauce smeared across her adorable face, her little arms held straight up. And we can't help but wonder: is she asking to be held before she collapses of joy? Is she praising a higher power for gifting us humans with such a delicacy? Is she signalling she wants another slice? Probably all of the above.

BRB — we definitely need to get on her level with a slice (or two). While you wait for your own pizza to be delivered, check out some of the hilarious responses to Avirgan's tweet ahead.

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