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Ping Pong Ball And Balloon Video Explains Labour

Watch This Woman Perfectly Explain Labour With a Ping Pong Ball and a Balloon

Who knew the most relatable way to explain childbirth — and all that comes with it — would be via a ping pong ball and a balloon?

For Liz Chalmers, one of the owners of the Puget Sound Birth Center in Seattle, Washington, childbirth education runs in the family. Her niece Charlotte is also training to be a midwife. So Liz decided to share a lesson she often gives in her classes, posting it to her Facebook wall and tagging her niece. With nothing but a ping pong ball and an ordinary balloon, she illustrated how Braxton Hicks, contractions, effacement and dilation all work. She uploaded the video to Facebook and was overwhelmed with the response, with over 10,000 shares.

We've never seen a better explanation of how childbirth works, though we have to admit cringing at the bit when the ball was just about to pop out.

Watch the video above!

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