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Powerful Photo of a Mom in a Nappy After Birth

This Powerful Photo Proves Women's Bodies Just Do the Damn Thing

Lindsey Meehleis, a California-based birth photographer and midwife, is no stranger to how incredible women's bodies are. But in a recent Instagram post, she made it abundantly clear just how awesome the female reproductive system truly is by sharing a photo of a new mom donning a nappy shortly after giving birth to her baby.

"How freaking incredible is the female body?! We stretch to maximum capacity to allow healthy baby's to grow deep within our womb," Lindsey wrote in the caption. "When it's perfect timing . . . a hormonal cocktail is released to signal the contracting of our uterus, slowly (and sometimes really fast!) pushing our babies down through our expanding pelvises."

But for new mothers, strength and instinct go well beyond the birthing process. "We lift our babies up into our arms where they know exactly how to nurse," she said. "Our bodies know how to double our blood supply so we have reserves after we birth our placentas. And then just hours later we can stand up, walk to the bathroom to pee and come back with sexy nappies on to recollect our new baby. It still blows my mind every time! Shout out to every fierce gorgeous mama out there!"

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