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Teresa Mother-Daughter Riddle

Try Solving This Riddle That Is Making the Internet Go Crazy

Ready for a brain workout? There's a mother-daughter riddle circulating the internet that's making people go absolutely crazy trying to solve it. The seemingly simple riddle reads as follows:

If Teresa's daughter is my daughter's mother, what am I to Teresa?

It's a viral riddle that got people talking months ago when 22 Words introduced it to the world, and people are still talking about it because it's that confusing! We'll give you a few minutes to think on it for yourself before spoiling the answer.

Source: Rede Globo / Giphy

To narrow down the answer choices, 22 Words turned it into a multiple-choice question with the following options: grandmother, mother, daughter, granddaughter, or "I am Teresa." And according to the site, the answer is . . . drum roll, please . . . daughter. As in, the riddle is just a fancier way of saying, "I am my mother's daughter." When you think about it, the statement could read this way: "I am Teresa's daughter, and I am my daughter's mother." Teresa is the mother of the person asking the question. If you're struggling to visualise the breakdown of the relationship, check out this mother-daughter flow chart that explains it.

Does your brain hurt?! Same.

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