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Marine Dad Shares LOL-Worthy Video of Toddler Screaming "F*ck" Over and Over

As someone who drops the F-bomb quite frequently, I understand how hard it can be to supplement your vocabulary with kid-friendly words on the spot when in the presence of little ones. A toddler innocently repeating a curse word once or twice because you couldn't catch yourself in time is actually pretty funny, but for James LaPorta, a dad and former Marine, he's realising the hard way that he may need to cut swearing out of his vernacular completely from now on after his toddler screamed "f*ck" over and over one afternoon.

In a hysterical video posted to Twitter, the dad is seen sitting in his parked car, listening silently as his son Joel goes to town chanting, in my opinion, the best word in the English language (though maybe not such a great one for a 2-year-old to be yelling out). Watch the video above — it's the laugh you need today (and is the type of thing you bookmark to watch the next time your kid is driving you nuts and you need a reminder that things could be worse).

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