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Unique Baby Girl Names 2018

50 Names For Your Baby Girl That Will Set Her Completely Apart in the Best Way

When it comes to naming your newborn baby girl, you could either go mainstream and choose one of the most popular baby names of the past few years (like Olivia or Emma), or you could help to set her apart from the crowd by choosing something a touch more special.

If you're looking for the perfect unusual girls' name, consider one of these 50 unique baby names for your little lady.

Unique Girls' Names

  1. Adley
  2. Aerin
  3. Anja
  4. Arabella
  5. Aviana
  6. Bexley
  7. Brinley
  8. Bronywyn
  9. Calla
  10. Cleo
  11. Darby
  12. Delaney
  13. Demna
  14. Diem
  15. Effie
  16. Elettra
  17. Ellerie
  18. Embry
  19. Farryl
  20. Grecia
  21. Hadley
  22. Hensley
  23. Indra
  24. Ines
  25. Issa
  26. Jaelyn
  27. Kaia
  28. Kolly
  29. Layke
  30. Liya
  31. Makena
  32. Marlow
  33. Mavis
  34. Merritt
  35. Naya
  36. Oriana
  37. Paloma
  38. Rey
  39. Sparrow
  40. Syden
  41. Tenzin
  42. Thea
  43. Tinley
  44. Ulani
  45. Waverly
  46. Weylyn
  47. Wren
  48. Xandra
  49. Zaylee
  50. Zuri
Image Source: Unsplash / Jv Garcia
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