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Video of Boy Calling His Dad a Fart Machine

This Video of a Kid Saying His Dad Makes a Living As a “Fart Machine” Will Inspire All Working Parents

For parents who work outside the home, saying goodbye to their kids in the morning is often the hardest part of their day, both for them and the kids, But according to a hilarious video that's making its rounds on social media again, one little boy has his farewell down pat. His secret? Calling his dad a fart machine, which he clearly thinks is his father's full-time job. We're impressed with how easily the dad just rolls with his son's accusation, but there's no denying the cuteness that ensues as he chases his father out the door. Fortunately, the sweet little boy promised his dad he'll also be a good fart machine for the day. It must run in the family, right?!

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